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Tig recordings

Newest CD: World Without End

An album inspired by Benedictine Abbess Hildegard Von Bingen, whose daily immersion in the Psalms spawned a phenomenal output of unique compositions.

More about the project here.

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Tig recordings

Better Things, 2014.

$15 CDN + shipping

Digital CD download and track samples.

Track List:
The Tim Trilogy;
I. When You Recover
II. Throne River
III. Sleeping Girl
Better Things
Bloomcloud I (for 6-string Guild)
Bond So Strong
Francis Street
Anybody’s Gift
White Grace Trembling
Bloomcloud II (for 12-string Yamaha)
Wait for the Light

Peter Tigchelaar: vocals, mandolin, ukulele, Hammertone, J-45, Radio Shack reed organ
Cheryl Tigchelaar: vocals
Andrew Tigchelaar: bass
Tone Valcic: drums and percussion
Brielle Goheen: violin, vocals
John Lewis: guitars
Ron Cole: accordion and keys
Cover Art: “Squirrels” By James Tughan
Jacket Design & Photography: John Farr
Produced by
Peter Tigchelaar and Trevor Titian
Executive Producer: Carl Joosse

Tig recordings

More Like Lightning, 2012

$15 CDN + shipping

Track List:
Daystar Temples
All over
More Like Lightning
Turn & Run
Alter of Desperate Prayer
Falling Upward
Meant For you
Umi Groove
Smile of Life
Oyster Boy
Bright red Love
Covering Light

Recorded at Big Blue in Dundas Ontario. The album was inspired the ukulele and features 12 new songs with the ukulele and other small instruments. Released Aug. 1, 2012

Peter Tigchelaar: vocals, ukuleles, Hammertone, guitars, accordion Ron Cole: accordion James Hill: tenor & dobro ukuleles Tone Valcic: drums, percussion, glockenspiel Andrew Tigchelaar: bass & J-45 Cheryl Tigchelaar, Harrison Kennedy: backing vocals Anne Janelle: cello, viola & cello banjo Mike Donnelly: soprano & banjo ukes

Tig recordings

Gracious Window, 2010

$15 CDN + shipping

Recorded in Hamilton Featuring some great musicians, including Bill Dillon, Jamie Oakes, Tone Valcic, Carl Horton, Michael Schulte and Brielle Goheen. Steeped in folk rock roots and infused with a bit of Dylan, Beatles and CCR, the album sparkles with heart felt lyrics and inventive arrangements.

Hamilton Music Award Winner
2010 Hamilton Music Award for Gracious Window. Best Religious Recording award on the strength of a number of gospel inspired tracks on the album.

Tig recordings

Wings Meeting Wind, 1993

Peter's 1st album was recorded in 1993 at the legendary Grant Avenue Studio. The album is a rocking folk tribute to Peters many musical influences growing up in the Hamilton area.

Produced by Doug Romanow Peter Tigchelaar, Vocals and Guitar Cheryl Tigchelaar, Backing Vocals Micheal Sloski, Drums Fergus Jemison, Bass Neil Chapman, Guitar Doug Romanow, keyboards Martha Krueger, Backing Vocals Bart Nameth, Piano

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